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Almond, glutinous rice (domestic, Thai), vegetable oil, whey powder (including milk ingredients), glutinous rice flour (from Thailand), camembert cheese powder, soy sauce (including wheat and soybeans), starch, glutinous rice (domestic), Lactose, skim milk powder, sugar, fermented seasoning (including wheat), processed cheese products, dextrin, mirin, bonito flavor seasoning, yeast extract powder, spices / modified starch, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), seasoning (amino acids, etc.) , Sorbitol, flavor, sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), coloring (caramel)


Ingredient Seasoned miso [rice miso, protein hydrolyzate, fermented seasoning, bonito extract, salt, bonito powder, konbu powder, sake spirit, seasoning Food (amino acids, etc.)] [long onions (green onions, wakame, dashi granules (bonito powder, starch, sugar, yeast extract, salt)), grape sugar, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), tofu (tofu, wakame, dashi granules ( Bonito powder, starch, sugar, yeast extract, salt), green onions, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), coagulant), oil raising (oil raising, seaweed, green onion, dashi granule (bonito powder, starch, sugar, yeast extract, salt) ), Seasonings (amino acids, etc.), antioxidants (vitamin E), coagulants), wakame (wakame, fu, dashi granule (bonito boiled powder, starch, sugar, yeast extract, salt)), green onions, seasonings (ami Acid, etc.), antioxidants (vitamin E), pH adjusting agent)], <including some of the raw wheat>


Ingredient seasoning miso [rice miso, bean miso, protein hydrolyzate, seafood extract, fermented seasoning, shijimi extract powder, sugar, ornithine hydrochloride, alcohol, seasonings (amino acids, etc.)], ingredients [Wakame, shijimi, green onion, reduced starch syrup, soy sauce, salt, ginger, seasoning (amino acid), antioxidant (vitamin E)], (wheat is included as part of the
ingredients and nutritional ingredients: (1 meal 18.1 per g)
Energy: 27kcal, Protein: 1.9g, Lipid: 0.7g, Carbohydrate: 3.2g, Sodium: 630mg, Salt equivalent: 1.6g, Ornithine: 30mg


Ingredient seasoning miso [rice miso, seafood extract, fructose glucose liquid sugar, salt, kumbu extract, ornithine hydrochloride, shijimi extract powder, sake, seasoning (amino acids, etc.)], ingredients [wakame, shijimi, Green onion, reduced starch syrup, soy sauce, salt, ginger, seasoning (amino acids), antioxidant (vitamin E)], (wheat is included as part of the
ingredients , nutrition facts: (per 19.1g of meal)
Energy: 29kcal, protein: 1.9g, fat: 0.7g, carbohydrates: 3.8g, sodium: 800mg, salt equivalent: 2.0g, ornithine: 30mg


Contains 11% cheese (raw equivalent) and you can enjoy the rich taste of Camembert cheese. Ingredients / Additives name Sugar, whole liquid egg, vegetable oil, wheat flour, margarine (including dairy ingredients), cheese powder, corn starch, natural cheese, edible oil, milk syrup, starch syrup, whole milk powder, whey powder (milk ingredient) ), Buttermilk powder, lactose, liquor, dried whole egg, cocoa butter, butter, dextrin, salt, shortening, sweetened condensed milk / sorbitol, alcohol, emulsifier (from soybean), flavor (from milk), swelling agent, processing Starch, polysaccharide thickener (derived from apples), acidulant


Wheat flour, processed starch syrup (steamed candy, sugar, starch, dried egg white, agar, glucose), caramel filling (vegetable oil, starch syrup, sugar, condensed milk preparation, egg white, starch, caramel sauce, liquid concentrated coffee), sugar, vegetable oil , Shortening, coconut, sweetened milk, margarine, butter flavor oil, caramel paste (burnt caramel paste 82%), caramel sauce, glucose, salt, cocoa powder, egg yolk powder, butter oil, cream powder, coffee / flavor, caramel color , Swelling agents, carotenoid pigments, antioxidants (vitamin E), (including some eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, sesame and soy)