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NTPM is a consumer goods and paper company that arms to enhance personal hygiene with the products. With years of experience, it enables to make a strong presence in the Malaysian market. Premier Kitchen Towel 2ply disposable kitchen towel roll has revolutionary Air Pockets trapped between the two layers which provide superior absorbency and strength. 


Breeding of mosquitoes is not something uncommom. Stop and prevent it with Ridsect Aerosol Advance. It effectively kills mosquitoes even in those hidden area. 


Shieldtox is a well-known brand for pest control in Malaysia. Shieldtox recognises the importance of educating people on dengue prevention. With the support of the Ministry of Health, they have launched a nationwide anti dengue campaign to spur people to take personal action to protect their families and friends against Aedes mosquitoes. Shieldtox is a brand that consumer can depend on for pest problems (i.e mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, etc) effectively. 


Sunlight Antibac Dishwash is formulated with the power of limes extracts, it cuts through grime and grease and kills 99% germs. Now you can get maximum results with only minimum effort using by Sunlight Lime Antibacterial.

  • Sunplus main ingredient.sodium hypochlorite.
  • Kills over 99.9% of germs commonly found in untreated water.Kills over 99.9% 
  • Cleanses and protecfs the whole family
  • Available in 250g,500ml,1 Lit twin pack,4L
  • Effectively removes grease and keeps dishesand utensils clean and shiny.
  • Tough on grease.