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Camel Light Soya Sauce King is naturally brewed. All of its protein is derived from the soya beans. There is no msg added and no adulteration with chemically - made proteins or biologically or chemically hydrolysed protein. 


HW Cap Ayam Artificial Vinegar is prepared to cater Malaysian cooking styles. It is used to fermented fruits and vegetables. You can also mix this artificial vinegar with soy sauce and chillies to make it as a dipping sauce for certain cuisine. 


Maggi Tomato Ketchup is the Malaysian's favourite tomato ketchup. Made with 100% real tomatoes, this ketchup keeps on getting better with unbeatable freshness and lycopene goodness. Use it as a dip for your fries or to season your fried mee or fried rice today. 


Soya Bean Oil,Eggs,Sugar,Contains Permitted Food Conditioners,Salt,Acetic Acid,Sodium Benzoate,Spices,Disodium EDTA to protect Flavour.