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Yeast Extract(45%),Maltodextrin,Salt,Rice Flour,Colour(E150),Flavouring,Waxy Maize Starch,Acid(Lactid Acid),Flavour Enhancer,(Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotides),spice,extracts,celery extract.


Lee Kum Kee Kum Chun Oyster Sauce is easy to cook with and even easier on the budget with NO MSG added. Made from high quality oyster extract, this oyster sauce has a balanced flavor and smooth texture with an aunthentic taste. It is great for dipping, marinating and stir-frying. 


Premium Brand Oyster Sauce is made from the finest oyster extract. It's rich oyster flavour enhances the taste and appearance of any dishes and it also perfect for dipping, marinating, stir-frying, or as a sauce base. It's also contain No preservative. 


Lee Kum Kee Vegetarian Oyster Sauce fully captures the essence of shiitake mushrooms. It is excellent for braising and enriching any vegetarian dish and can also be used as a dip. It is also great for stir-frying pasta and beancurd dishes.


Maggi Oyster Sauce is made from real oyster extracts. It's a ultimate and unique rich taste oyster sauce that gives each dish with a rich flavour and enhances its natural flavours at the same time. 


Maggi Seasoning is a food flavor enhancer, invented in Switzerland and introduced in Germany that comes in a thin, concentraded dark brown liquid, powder and cube form which differ among nations and regions. In Malaysia, the form of liquid Maggi Seasoning are well-known used for seasoning food. Just add a few drops of Maggi Seasoning at it will brings out a delicious flavours to any meal. In a bottle contains a strong aromatic liquid flavouring. Maggi Seasoning also suitable for vegetarian.