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Ayam Brand Baked Beans are rich in fiber and low fat food. Fiber rich food helps to maintain a healthier digestive system and to prevent cholesterol. It's made from a big and tender imported Great Northern Beans. 


Minced Wild Caught Tuna Fish,Coconut Milk,Sweet Potato,Onion,Soya Bean Oil,Curry Powder(Coriander Seed,Cardamom,Cloves,Star Anise,Dried Chilli,Aniseed,Cumin Seed,Cinnamon,Turmeric,White Pepper),Sugar,Fish Sauce(Fish Extract,Salt),Salt,Cayenne Pepper Extract,Modified Tapioca Starch,Paprika Extract.


Minced Wild Caught Tuna Fish,Soya Bean Oil,Waterchestnut,Onion,Vinegar,Pickle Cucumber(Cucumber,Salt),Red Chilli.Contains Thickener(Modified Tapioca Starch)as Permitted Food Conditioner,Sugar,Egg Powder,Salt,Onion Powder,White Pepper,Contains Thickener(Xanthan Gum) as Permitted Food Conditioner,Paprika Extract,Natural Flavour Extracts(Onion,Garlic,Clove)


Ayam Brand Sardines are from cold seas that live in the extreme cold conditions that make them fatter, juicier and rich in Omega 3. The rich tomato provides lycopene, the strongest antioxidant that helps cells against ageing and help to control blood preasure. 


Ingredients: Wild Caught Tuna Fish in Pieces, Water and Salt. 


Del Monte brand canned vegetables and fruit are synonomous with quality and freshness. The Golden Sweet Cream Style Corn made from the sweetest golden corn. This variety is a delicious way to easily add color and nutrition to your family's next meal. 


Del Monte brand canned vegetables and fruit are synonomous with quality and freshness. Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn were made from a plump whole kernel of crisp supersweet corn that are picked and packed at the peak of freshness for the highest standard in rich, sweet flavour.


King Cup Sardines is a must have product in your home. With a delicious flavoury and natural spicy taste suitable for every occasion. The fresh quality delicate extraordinary special fish texture.